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Thrift Store Flipping

Your financial health can really benefit from having multiple income streams. Whether you are trying to invest, pay down debt or maybe you’re retiring early – an increase in your income can help you substantially! Thankfully, technology and internet have made that a much easier thing to do. The opportunities you can find on the…

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Flight Attendants Have Secrets Too!

Flight attendants see so many different people and situations throughout their career. We’re here to share some tips and the juiciest secrets they may have. After conversing with various flight attendants, you might want to stick around because you’ve probably never heard these before. A flight attendant, who worked for a United Kingdom airline, stated…

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Even Entry Level Positions Require Experience

If you’ve started the hunt for a job that’s in your preferred career path, you might have seen some listings that looks like this. “Available: Entry-level, pay negotiable, benefits. Requirements: 2-3 years of experience, college degree.”  Sounds familiar right? In some instances, companies will require years of experience for college graduates, even though it’s an…

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Best Mystery Shopping Companies to Work For

There are tons of side jobs you can use to make some extra cash. Unfortunately, the best ones often require specific skills, expensive equipment like cameras and computers, or even having a car. A mystery shopper is the perfect opportunity for someone who needs an easier way to gain some supplemental income. If you’re already…

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Jobs That Don’t Require a Drug Test

Starting back in 2012, conversation about drug use started to surface again, mainly in the idea of decriminalization. For example, studies on marijuana and how it can be medically beneficial supported the change in legalization and decriminalization. Last reported, in 2021, more than 36 states legalized the use of medical marijuana. Adult use overall was…

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