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Land a Job with Zero Experience

Without experience, it can often times be much harder to hunt for jobs. Usually, the candidate’s employers prefer to hire are the ones with more experience than not. This because it will take less time to train them and save them money. If you are straight out of college or it’s just time to change…

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Tips to Passing Pre-employment Tests

It’s normal to get anxious when applying for a job. Nowadays, getting the job can be more difficult than it used to be because there is so much competition besides meeting with a stranger is already an anxiety in itself. That amazing feeling of surviving through the interview and getting to walk out is almost…

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Get Paid to Test Apps and Websites

There are new apps and sites being created in every direction you look. The issue when creating an app is you must be sure it works correctly on an everyday basis and the only way they can do that is by literally launching it. That being said, they obviously don’t want to make it completely…

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Get Paid to Search the Web

Did you know you’re missing out on easy money that’s just a click away? Why not earn some extra cash for something you do on the daily? We curated a list of seven different platforms you can use that will pay you to simply search the web. The best part is, you can run all…

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What is a Part-Time Job?

There is no set number of hours that one works every day or week that deems their role a part-time job.  The label of being part time or full time comes from how many hours per week you are expected to work based on whatever your employer wants and how they may designate employment status.…

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