Effects of Long-Term Unemployment

It’s vital to understand that long-term unemployment brings challenges and makes it harder for you to find employment. Although the economy in the U.S. has improved and created many job opportunities, unemployment continues to rise.

If you are unemployed and find it challenging, there’s always a way to find more information online and seek guidance from resources available to you.

Resources that will help you

Here we share some resources that will help you regain employment. Just click any link below so that you can find a job as soon as possible!

  • CareerOneStop – An efficient way to get help is through CareerOneStop’s Employment Recovery portal, which will help you find a job and find help with career change, job search, finances, mental health care, housing, and much more.
  • College Career Services – Due to a lack of experience, finding a job as a student or recent college graduate can be difficult. You can inquire about alumni resources at your local career services offices. Several colleges also provide alumni with resumes, cover letter advice, and job listings.
  • American Job Centers – One of the most effective methods for free assistance is contacting American Job Centers. You can reach out to them either online or over the phone. They help job seekers with a variety of career options and employment-related issues.
  • Training Programs & Apprenticeships – Several training and education programs offer training certificates. You can also get funding and complete counseling for your career transition or job search if you don’t have resources.

Leading Job Boards that will help you

You can also search for job postings on various job sites. Below are some of the easiest ways to find available jobs.

  • Submit your resume to companies that are hiring now.
  • If you are looking for remote work, show your online presence and focus on companies that offer work from home opportunities.
  • Try finding passive income opportunities online or investing your savings to get some paybacks. 

All in all, you can quickly get out of unemployment and all you have to do is stay consistent and keep searching for that job you want!

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