Zoom Interview Mistakes To Avoid

The zoom job interview is the next big thing in interviewing. It’s an emerging technology that allows for more personalized interviews with potential candidates by taking the traditional interview process up a notch. Many companies use it because of its convenience and effectiveness, but not all employers follow the best practices to ensure that they get quality candidates like you!

If you want to make sure this doesn’t happen to you, read on. Listed below are top 7 mistakes candidates make during their zoom job interview.

  1. People who are late to their interview are just not taking it seriously enough! There are no excuse for being late to your zoom job interview. It will help if you give yourself ample time to get there and arrive 10 minutes early.
  2. You may not realize that the zoom job interview is just as important of an opportunity for you to demonstrate your skills as a candidate as if you were interviewing one-on-one with the company’s HR team! Don’t show up to your interview unprepared. Practice your skills with the technology beforehand and be ready to impress!
  3. It can be a little intimidating when meeting somebody new, so, understandably, some people freeze up during their zoom job interview. You have to remember you might not get another chance with this company, so take advantage of this opportunity!
  4. It might be the most important opportunity you have to tell your unique story, so making it impersonal is a big mistake! A generic “thank you” email isn’t enough after your zoom job interview. Instead, take some time to reflect on what you learned about the company, why you are interested in working there. Any specific skills you have that will help them achieve their mission.
  5. To avoid this mistake, you’ll want to check with the interviewer before your zoom job interview to see what kind of technology they use so you can practice beforehand! This way, when it comes time for your interview, there won’t be any technical difficulties or last-minute surprises that leave you scrambling.
  6. If you’re nervous or stressed about any aspect of your zoom job interview, it will show how you present yourself. In an interview, your interviewer is looking for someone who has a strong sense of self-awareness and can work well with others, and be a positive addition to the company culture, so make sure to smile and remain calm throughout the interview even if the questions get tough.
  7. Please don’t assume that because your interviewer is in another time zone, they’re free to chat at all hours of the day; schedule your zoom job interview accordingly.
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