How To Write A Job Application Cover Letter

There’s nothing wrong with writing a cover letter to go along with your resume. A cover letter typically accompanies a resume when applying for jobs, although it may also be sent independently as part of an online application process.

The following tips will help you write your cover letter effectively.

#1: Customize Your Letter

Make sure you address your cover letter to a specific individual, not “To Whom It May Concern.” The best way to find the hiring manager’s name is to research the company’s website. If there is no contact name available, try reaching out to someone you know who works there, or if that fails, use “Dear Hiring Manager” or “Dear Madam/Sir.”

#2: Include Relevant Details

State why you’re writing. For example, say something like, “I am applying for the administrative assistant position at ABC Company that I saw advertised on Facebook,” if this is where you found the opening. Or, if you know the hiring manager’s name, refer to them in your opening line. For example, “Jane Doe at ABC Company was referred to me by Samantha Jones of XYZ Company.”

#3: Highlight Your Skills and Abilities

In this section, speak directly to the qualifications and requirements listed in the job posting. Tailor your experience and skills to this job, highlighting those that match what the hiring manager wants. Also, explain how you’ve used these abilities in previous roles and present specific examples of your accomplishments at work.

#4: Provide More Details About Your Experience

Use any available space here to include more details about your experience and skills. You can also include other qualities that would make you a good candidate, like your ability to work well with others or your availability for extra shifts.

#5: Close With Your Contact Information

Here’s where you should include your name, mailing address, email address, and phone number. If you aren’t applying for the job through an online system, consider including your resume as an attachment.

#6: Proofread and Edit Your Letter

Proofread your cover letter carefully for any spelling, grammar, or formatting errors. Make sure you spelled the hiring manager’s name correctly and use professional formatting like double-spacing throughout. If you include a resume, attach it as a Word document or PDF file!

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