Get Paid to Test Apps and Websites

There are new apps and sites being created in every direction you look. The issue when creating an app is you must be sure it works correctly on an everyday basis and the only way they can do that is by literally launching it. That being said, they obviously don’t want to make it completely open to the public without knowing if it’s up to par, that is where you will come in. The company will have to hire a tester that is willing to participate!

You’re already constantly searching the web and using apps from the comfort of your own home, imagine give feedback on those and getting paid to do it. Your only job is messing around with different models of user interfaces of the app or website, share what you found and give your opinion on what would make it better.

To sum it up, the only thing you are doing is experiencing the customer journey and sharing that beneficial information with the creators. It’s the perfect side hustle and you’ll only need a few different supplies:

The most exciting part about this? You can earn around $5-$100 as a tester!

Advantages of testing apps and websites

Disadvantages of testing apps and websites

Here’s a list of tips and tricks we created so you can become a successful app and website tester

What is the potential income of a website and app tester?

Finally, the fun part… money!  For a side hustle job, the income of this job is very good. Generally, the creators pay out at about $10 for every 20 minutes that is used on the test which is very decent pay for something that is so simple.

Make sure you follow the instructions the company wants and as few mistakes as possible because if you are keeping up with their expectations, you will be on their good list meaning you will receive more offers for additional tests!

Here are some sites to find app and website tester jobs

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