Tips to Passing Pre-employment Tests

It’s normal to get anxious when applying for a job. Nowadays, getting the job can be more difficult than it used to be because there is so much competition besides meeting with a stranger is already an anxiety in itself. That amazing feeling of surviving through the interview and getting to walk out is almost equivalent to when your favorite kind of pizza is still available to order.

Unfortunately, that interview is just a small portion of the entire process of recruitment. Just to take you back to your high-school days, they make you take a dreadful pre-employment test. But companies do it differently the others, so you never know. For example, some companies will do the evaluations before the interview, and some do it vice versa. Nonetheless, the assessment never fails to give you butterflies.

Here is a list of three tips to help you pass that pre-employment assessment.

Test Yourself

Everyone knows the biggest way to ease the nerves of a test is to review and practice a few times before. This will give you the confidence you need. That’s why reviewing for your pre-employment assessment will be your best friend.

These tests are very different in the reviewing process. You don’t know what kind of assessment the employer will give you. However, you can do research on the internet to find people who have previously applied of the company who have posted any sort of information regarding assessments. This not cheating so don’t worry about that.

A skills tests library is another great resource because they hold common pre-employment assessments and are reliable because they relate to the actual evaluation.

Using aptitude tests will help you get a better feel of what you will go through because they are similar to what you will be given.


When it comes to personality there is no right or wrong personality you can have. It may surprise you that pre-employment tests don’t tests you on your intelligence. They are looking to measure the quantity of your personality as well as your intellects.

Test lengths tend to vary anywhere from 10-15 minutes, however, sometimes they may take longer.

It is scary especially for people who get nervous about tests easily. Taking a personality test doesn’t mean they are looking for something in specific. They are looking to see how you would fit into the workplace, which is going to be different everywhere you go.

Keep in mind, many of these psychological tests have a lie scale implanted into the test. Meaning, a test administrator can look if you are lying and once you lie it’s only going to bring more harm your way.  Being honest is very important whether you believe that’s what they want to hear or not.


With an assessment, usually comes anxiety and sometimes this may lead to panic attacks. If you notice sweaty palms and a shortness of breath, take deep breathes and relax.

Before going in, you should come to terms with the fact that no matter how much practicing you do, you will have some sort of nerves when taking the pre-employment tests.

Overall, worrying and trying to force yourself to get an A+ on a pre-employment test, is just going to make it harder. Obviously, a good score on these tests will increase your chance of getting hired, but everyone knows a good HR manager is aware that this assessment is just a required portion of the hiring process.

You have the interview, experience, and how well you handled the entire process. When those nerves get a little too much for you, check out our post “Ease the Interview Nerves” to help you relax and prepare.

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