Easing the Interview Nerves

Going to a job interview is always going to make the average person a little nervous, whether you’ve done it a million times, or it’s your first application. Succeeding in a job interview is not always about your presentation, you will also be judged on how you answer question and your level of confidence. For many, realizing they are feeling anxious can heighten their nerves and make them even more anxious than before. If you’re already someone who suffers from anxiety, or even someone who doesn’t at all, you can really benefit from planning properly.

Use Stress Management Techniques

A lot of stress is a very common cause of anxiety, whether it has to do with the struggle to make financial ends meet or if it’s simply the pressure to do well. Instead of jeopardizing your chances of getting your dream career because you allowed your anxiety to take control, it might be a better idea to investigate your options. Mindfulness-based stress reduction is a great benefit you can utilize to alleviate stress. MBSR is a mindfulness training program that is eight weeks long so that is a great place to start. When in doubt do not turn to alcohol or any other substances to help alleviate stress. These are more like depressants and will make you feel worse than you already did and worst case you might become addicted.

Body and Mind Nutrition

When managing anxiety, it’s important to be aware of the foods you are consuming for they can have a negative or positive affect on your mental health. Avoid indulging in greasy foods or foods that will make you feel bloated. In some cases, anxiety can cause problems with the bowels and stomach, which is why healthier foods are recommended. Studies show foods high in zinc and vitamin b, can produce dopamine and serotonin. Some of these foods consist of vegetables, fruit and fatty fish. Consuming these foods can help you feel calmer and have control of your thoughts and feelings. And physically these foods can make you look healthier, which is an added benefit.

Let it Out

For some, exploring their feelings within a secure and safe environment may help when try to find solutions. On the other hand, it can be helpful to discuss these issues with a registered therapist, however, that is not the case for everyone when solving a problem. Sometimes it can be an outsider looking in, whether family members or friends, people can sometimes notice they do not see the point or can’t understand the thought process behind this. If you feel as though this is the case, you should probably test other methods to help yourself. Journaling is a great source to get your worries and concerns off your chest by writing them down, then reading back on them to identify a different solution or thinking pattern to each problem, one at a time. Sharing your tricks on how you deal with your anxiety and any other issues is a good strength to make the company see that you can adapt to a situation and better yourself.

Job interview come off as nerve racking and daunting, but that doesn’t mean it has to consume your mind. Being prepared for these situations and knowing how to improve your mental health will better you as a person and help you in future situations.

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