Jobs That Don’t Require a Drug Test

Starting back in 2012, conversation about drug use started to surface again, mainly in the idea of decriminalization. For example, studies on marijuana and how it can be medically beneficial supported the change in legalization and decriminalization.

Last reported, in 2021, more than 36 states legalized the use of medical marijuana. Adult use overall was legalized in 15 of those states.

Obviously with that change, many other things are questioned, like pre-employment drug tests. Considering Marijuana can be used recreationally or medically, makes it more difficult for employers to determine whether it may have an impact on an employee’s abilities to perform in a certain job. There are still positions that still drug test, but tons of companies have started to get rid of them.

We curated a list of 7 jobs, along with details on the positions, that won’t require a drug test when you apply.


There are various locations and environments that you can work in as a housekeeper. A typical day of housekeeping involves sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting and usually changing out bed sheets and towels. There is little supervision, if any. This job is perfect for someone detail oriented. This positions average annual salary is $23.000.

Dog Walker

If dogs are something you already love, dog walking might be the perfect job for you. Dog walkers typically walk multiple dogs a day whether it’s at the same time or separately, sometimes they even step in as caretakers. This job relies more on location and experience, so drug tests are very rare in the field. The average salary of a dog walker is $23,000 annually.


Photographers naturally have an eye for aesthetics and are experienced in creating a well put together picture. Typically, photographers do photoshoots for a variety of special occasions and either do this through a company or a private client.

Required experience for this will vary depending on who the employer is. Often times, photographers will be self-employed. In the event, they aren’t, it is still very rare to be drug tested. Average annual salary is $49,000


The meaning of cosmetologist is sometimes mistaken for one line of work; however, it includes nail technicians, hair stylists, and many other professions related to beauty. A typical day as a hairstylist includes taking appointments a simple cut or hair dye or sometimes styling for special occasions. Drug testing is not very common due to stylists being self-employed or working for a smaller business.  An average salary of a cosmetologist is $31,000


Journalists oversee and report meaningful stories that will grab people’s attention, so they are relied on heavily in new companies. From politics to celebrity drama, journalists all over the map with their topics. Of course, some of the bigger corporate companies might drug test, but overall, it’s not a common occurrence. Journalists make around $52,000 a year.  


Chefs are most found working in a restaurant preparing food and managing the kitchen with the exception of other opportunities like becoming a private chef.

You do need culinary knowledge and skills to be able to succeed in this fast-paced environment.

These positions can be anywhere from small family-owned businesses to chain restaurants so you could potentially be drug tested, however, it is very uncommon. A chef makes an average of $44,000 annually.

Interior Designer

Interior designers are responsible for the aesthetics of a space. It can be houses, offices, or just anywhere a person wants to make feel beautiful and safe but also functional at the same time. Many interior designers are self-employed, so the chance of a drug test is little to none. Annually, they make around $54,000.

There are tons of other job positions that don’t drug tests, so don’t let that affect you in following your dream job! In the meantime, learn how to “Avoid Spending Extra Money While Job Hunting”.

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