Flight Attendants Have Secrets Too!

Flight attendants see so many different people and situations throughout their career. We’re here to share some tips and the juiciest secrets they may have. After conversing with various flight attendants, you might want to stick around because you’ve probably never heard these before.

  1. A flight attendant, who worked for a United Kingdom airline, stated that in the event a passenger on board passed away, they were told to wrap them in blankets and sit them up straight until they landed. This was to keep the other passengers from freaking out.
  2. It is common for flight attendants to provide liquor to the passengers at any given time, especially when the flight isn’t full. So, it’s smart to be kind and polite to the staff. However, if the flight is full, it makes it difficult for them to give a complimentary drink to one passenger without the rest wanting free stuff.
  3. The flight attendants are given a list of every passenger’s seat number along with their full name. If they are bored, they might google you.
  4. We all know flight attendants sit right by the restrooms, but what you don’t know, is they can hear every little thing. This means there is no hiding that number two you are taking because the sound is very different than taking a number one. They always know.
  5. Shared by a flight attendant of a popular airline, when flying into Saudi Arabia, the flight attendants are required to lock everything up (including drinks, food, and cutlery). They do this because, in the past, authorities of Saudi Arabia would come on board and take whatever they wanted, and the airline couldn’t do anything about it.
  6. When boarding a flight, the flight attendants aren’t just standing there to say hello, but they are also checking if you drunk/stoned, as well as, checking if there are any buff people boarding, that way in a potential emergency, they can ask those specific people for help.
  7. Don’t allow your babies to crawl on the floor, the vacuums only pickup so much. Also, be sure to wipe down tray tables, they are never cleaned in between flights.
  8. Have you ever wondered what the flight attendants do when you’re on a long flight and everyone is going to sleep? Well, fun fact you probably have never heard is bigger planes have beds above the overhead bins, that way flight attendants also have a place to rest.
  9. If you think the crew members aren’t communicating, you’re wrong. In fact, they all take notes that will stay in the airline database so if you’re rude you might want to apologize.
  10. And finally, one flight attendant shared that they had seen three different instances of people peeing outside of the lavatories… that’s not water you’re stepping in so wear your shoes!

Take these secrets with you and share them with a loved one. You never know you might save them from a sticky situation. If you’re interested in other company secrets like Amazon, check out this article.

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