Thrift Store Flipping

Your financial health can really benefit from having multiple income streams. Whether you are trying to invest, pay down debt or maybe you’re retiring early – an increase in your income can help you substantially! Thankfully, technology and internet have made that a much easier thing to do. The opportunities you can find on the internet gives you the chance to have a side income or even turn your own side hustle into a real business.

Although there are tons of options out there, one of the classic routes is flipping something and selling it for more money. This Process is referred to as thrift store flipping.

But what items make the most profit? Where do you begin? That’s what we’re here to show you.

What is Thrift Store Flipping?

The best explanation of thrift store flipping is purchasing an item and flipping it, potentially reselling it for more. Often these items are sold through apps, online, or sometimes even in person whether that’s at an organized event or your own yard sale at home.  

When thinking about a thrift store, most people’s minds go to kitchen essentials, vintage clothing, and a big one is furniture. However, people who do thrift store flipping have a different interpretation on them. Their biggest strength is knowing yard sales and resell shops are prices far below the original market value.

They search thoroughly through various thrift stores looking for low marked prices. For example, if they find something for $3, $5, and $7 they might resell for $30, $50, and $70.

Here are some easy ways to flip for a profit

Designer clothing, accessories, and shoes

Designer goods have a huge market, meaning you could easily find a vintage designer item and flip them online.

There is also a great market for children’s clothing and maternity clothing.

Games & Toys

Legos are by far the most popular item in this category along with vintage toys, video games and consoles.

Some sell complete Lego sets while others sell assortments by the pound.

You might be asking yourself what person with real money would by these toys? The answer is simple, these types of things are prized by collectors and sometimes sell for way more than you might think.

Sports Equipment & Memorabilia

It’s no surprise that people will pay a substantial amount to have trading cards, jerseys, and helmets, this is especially true if they are signed. There is even a good market for used sports equipment.

For parents constantly having to switch things out because their child is growing, secondhand items might be preferred considering they will only use them for a short period of time.

Music & Books

Unfortunately, those heart wrenching romance novels are not included in this. Keep your eyes peeled for classics whether that be box sets, college textbooks, and first editions, you can resell for a good profit.

As far as music goes, everyone loves a good album or track. But what makes those good albums better is the authenticity of them. These buyers are passionate in finding rare or original records and even the record players.

Camera Equipment

Obviously, we know digital cameras have taken over, but you may have noticed the more recent trend of vintage photography. This means there is still a market out there for old cameras and even the old lenses.

You must be knowledgeable of the different types of cameras to be successful here. If you go into it blindly you won’t have any idea of what is a good find and what it can be worth.

Overall, thrift store flipping isn’t a complicated thing to do, but hopefully these tips and tricks will help you make a better profit while maximizing your success!

And when in doubt, if you aren’t very successful, read our article on getting paid to search the web!

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