Reselling as a Side Hustle

For some people buying products and reselling them is their career, but why not have it as a side hustle?

I’ve known plenty of people take a business that was strictly in person sales to the online world. Not only is it great for them but its even an amazing thing to watch them grow and establish themselves as a reseller.

Watching all the success surrounding me started to make me super curious about reselling becoming a side hustle. Because of this, I’ve learned tons of different ways of new income.

How do you begin? What will you sell? How will you determine which products are profitable? Where will you sell? This post will help you figure out the answers to all those questions of where you can sell online and where you can buy those products.

Where to resell items

There are endless amounts of ways and websites to sell clothing on. Some people are more successful selling on Instagram while others might be better at selling on eBay. You just need to find what works for you and where your customers are at. You can also sell on multiple sites at a time.

Reselling Sites:



Facebook Marketplace



Once you have the place you’re selling at in mind, you need products to sell.

What To Resell

The first of many obstacles in this process is finding the items you are going to sell.

There are various ways to find different whether its via internet or in person.

Your own items

Getting rid of old items that just aren’t for you anymore is one of the most common ways. I guarantee you almost every list you read of how to make extra money, will recommend selling your own stuff as a way.  It’s normal in every person to own more stuff than we could possibly need. So why not clear out your home and make money at the same time? If this is the route you want to try, I recommend Facebook marketplace, because it’s quick and easy to sell locally.

Resell thrift finds

Thrift stores are a great resource to find items to resell. Normally these types of resellers focus on vintage goods that are popular and trendy today but are hard to find because they aren’t made anymore. People are willing to pay a significantly higher price for these than what the seller originally paid for them.

Garage sale or estate sale finds

Finding items at a garage or estate sale will take more effort and time, however, these are items that aren’t being rummaged through by a store first, so there is a possibility that you may find something that’s way more valuable and cheaper because the person selling doesn’t know about its worth or just wants to get rid of it.

Finding items this way Is also a way more adventurous and fun way to do it because you never know what you’ll find.

Clearance section

After watching videos posted by reselling coaches, I came to the realization that a lot of them talk about purchasing clearance items to resell. I personally would have never thought of doing this, but there has been a lot of success surrounding this method. Who would buy an item you got on clearance at Target? Well, demand for one item might be higher somewhere else in the world than it is near you. Meaning, people will be willing to pay more for this product. You can sell products like this anywhere but using a site like Amazon is a great way to start!


Those are few of the many ways you can start your reselling adventure and eventually make it a side hustle business.

The options you have of finding items are endless, starting this type of business takes time but once you figure it out, it’s worth the wait.

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