Positions You Can Land With Little to No Experience

You’ve probably seen ads online: “Earn $2,500 per week, from home, and only two hours a day! Experience not needed!” or the comments you may see on posts that have nothing to do with making money claiming, “I make $140,00 a year working 5 hours per week and it’s all online, all you need to do is visit this website.” Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that’s because it is!

 There isn’t one simple secret that you’re missing out on that’s going to change your online salary to a completely disproportionate amount.  However, you can find legitimate positions that hardly require experience, if any.

Below you’ll find some of the most common jobs held online. Along with how to land one without experience.


Average salary: $46,113

If you’re unsure on what a proofreader is, they are basically the last set of eyes to see a text before it posted, published, or printed. In this position you check for style or grammatical errors, formatting errors, and typos.

Companies that produce tons of written material often hire for in-person positions or remote with the options of part or full time. But you also have the option of doing this type of work as a contractor or freelancer and finding your own work on a per-project basis.

Many proofreaders have degrees in subjects like communication or English, but it is not always necessary, and, in some cases, you will find positions that don’t require professional experience at all.

Social Media Manager

Average salary: $51,898

With a business constantly growing, so is their online presence. Organizations get to a certain point where they need someone to strictly manage their Facebook, Twitter, and any other platforms they use. This is where the social media manager comes in. This role might include planning and scheduling all social media posts, writing, and creating graphics that go with these posts, responding to comments, and implementing marketing campaigns.

The options are endless for social media marketers from restaurants to huge tech corporations. These positions can be part time, full time, or even freelance and in person or online. Although a degree in something like marketing is recommended, it is not always required. There are plenty of companies that just look for skills in writing and data analysis.

Graphic Designer

Average salary: $46,369

Graphic designers take a brands messages, ideas, and aesthetics and create a visual piece that represents them. They do this for logos, packaging, social media posts, and sometimes websites. After meeting with clients and discussing what their vision is, the graphic designer usually works solo from home or an office on their computer or any other equipment they might use.

There are firms that might hire part time or full time for a graphic designing position. In that case you would be doing work for their clients, and you would probably be working in person in their office, however, working from home is sometimes still an option. Graphic designers often have a bachelor’s degree but having the experience and a strong portfolio can get you just as far.


Average Salary: $53,154

As a copywriter, your typical role is to create written content that is meant to sell a brand, product, service, or idea. This is a good job to consider if you’re looking to work at home, because it almost always requires you to be at a computer, therefore it’s easy for the employer to allow working from home. A bachelor’s degree in writing, marketing, or communications is usually required for a copywrite position.

English Teacher

Average salary: $47,932

Not your typical English teacher, an online English teacher instructs students in different countries where they do not use English as a primary language. If you aren’t opposed to working earlier in the morning, this job might suit you because you must work within different time zones. The companies that hire for these positions usually provide lesson plans and the resources you may need. Some don’t even require a teaching certification, just English fluency, and a bachelor’s degree.

Landing a job without experience is easier than you think. Just know what skills are required for the job, figure out what skills you may already have and highlight those in your job search, consider taking an online class or earning a certification, and create a good portfolio. It’s not always about what schooling you have but often about how you are perceived on your resume.

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