Many Nurses are Looking for a Career Change in 2022

Nearly one-third of registered nurses in the United States, according to a new poll, want to no longer provide direct patient care by the end of 2022. In a recent survey, registered nurses cited “staffing, compensation, and lack of support” as the top three factors motivating them to hunt for other employment.

The COVID-19 epidemic has exacerbated several healthcare issues that have persisted for years. Because they see so much pain and suffering on the job, healthcare professionals are at an all-time high risk for developing PTSD and anxiety disorders. Increasing dissatisfaction with the present health care system has many nurses exploring other career paths.

Over the last two decades, nurses have consistently received the highest marks for honesty and integrity of any profession. Among other professions, they have been ranked higher than physicians, teachers, and judges. There are numerous professions where their expertise, perseverance, and honesty as nurses would be invaluable. Hopefully the following list of five alternative careers for nurses will provide inspiration for any nurses out there who may be struggling and looking for a change.

One who specializes in computer and network systems (IT)

With an average income of $81,293

The salary spectrum is between $52,000 to $129,000.

Historically used paper charts are now obsolete. All nursing interventions, patient assessments, and medications must be documented in the electronic medical record (EMR) system used by the hospital. Technical industries, such as the information technology industry, might benefit greatly from your expertise. An IT consultant’s job is to advise businesses on IT matters such as system design, implementation, and maintenance. IT experts also assist hospital workers in resolving EMR-related issues. Start your career off on the right foot by applying for positions as an IT technician or computer support professional. Even while some employers provide training, it is often better to get additional credentials or complete formal education before applying for a job.

Social Service Case Manager

The median wage is $50,499 per year.

Pay scale: $36,000 – $70,000

A social worker provides assistance to individuals and their families in a variety of settings, including medical facilities, government offices, and residential treatment facilities. Their job is to make it easier for their customers to get the housing, employment, and other necessities they’re seeking. As a social worker, you need to be a strong leader, well-versed in psychology, flexible, and innovative. You already know how to assist and educate patients, as well as provide them with the tools they’ll need when they return home, since you’re a nurse. Thanks to this, you’d be a great addition to the field of socialwork. However, a master’s degree in social work and a state license are often requirements.

Strategic Business Analyst

The median income is $63,980.

Earnings potential between $48k and $85k

Being a business analyst might be a good fit if you like learning new things and are skilled with statistics. A business analyst’s role is to examine data, identify issues and their root causes, provide solutions to these issues, suggest methods to increase productivity, and assist in the development of reporting tools, all in close collaboration with the management team. In addition, they guarantee that all corporate practices are legal under both state and federal jurisdictions. A nurse’s hands-on expertise in the field might be invaluable in an analytical role in the healthcare business, whether at a hospital, insurance firm, or health tech startup. While a bachelor’s degree in nursing will usually earn you an entry-level position as a business analyst, you may need further education in business administration, economics, or finance to stand out from the crowd.

Case-handling Nurse  

Compensation: $75,905 on average

Ranging from $61,000 to $94,000

A nurse case manager’s primary responsibilities at a healthcare facility, such as a hospital or nursing home, include discharging patients and assessing their ongoing needs. Nurse case managers are skilled listeners who support patients by standing up for them and organizing treatment amongst physicians, psychologists, and social agencies. They link up those in need with organizations who may be able to provide assistance. Transitioning nurses may find employment in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, factories, government offices, and even human resources departments. The nurse case manager has to have solid clinical and communication skills, and frequently a current RN (registered nurse) licensure. In order to advance in one’s nursing profession and stand out to prospective employers, it is highly recommended that one get further training, such as a Nursing Case Management Certification.

Health Educator

Salary: $48,863 on average

Salary range: $35,000–$69,000

In your role as a nurse, you constantly have to educate patients on topics such as their treatment plans, diagnoses, and lab findings. We instruct them on the finer points of breathing, safe walking, breaking bad habits, and forming healthy ones. Working as a health education expert might be a rewarding career choice for someone with a passion for education. In this position, you may produce instructional materials, set up health and wellness initiatives, or conduct workshops on how to avoid and manage illnesses. Those with a nursing background who are interested in working in infection prevention may do so in a variety of institutions, including hospitals, public health departments, non-profit organizations, and even schools. Even if you have the necessary clinical experience as a nurse, being certified as a Health Education Specialist is an excellent method to advance your career, gain marketability, and negotiate a better compensation.

If you’re a nurse looking for a change and one of these jobs sound appealing to you, read more on how to put in a resignation notice for your current position.

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