Job Searching Tips During the “Great Resignation”

Corporate America has been painfully slow to adapt from only having males in mind. Even though sexism in the workplace has been much reduced, corporate America still has a long way to go before it fully embraces diversity and ensures women’s full participation in the workplace and opportunities for advancement.

One study showed that women are still ambitious about their professions, and they have struggled to reach where we are today, but it’s not getting any easier to do so. Many of the problems that had been highlighted previously, such as inequality in pay and representation, persist, and new threats threaten to undo the little progress we’ve achieved over the last decade.

However, in the modern period, when a worldwide pandemic has upset traditional ideas of labor and generated new demands of the workplace, women are expecting more and waiting less. That’s encouraging, I guess. Women now are standing up to an antiquated order. Some businesses have taken the initiative to increase workplace gender diversity, equality, and inclusion, accepting women other companies have left behind.  

Data for the 2022 study comes from 333 companies, a survey of over 40,000 workers, and interviews involving a diverse group of women that are in the workplace, including women with disabilities, LGBTQ+, and those of color.

Here are just 3 of the many ways corporate America is still failing women in the year 2022.

Prepare to explain why you’re job-hunting

“Why are you job hunting?” is a common interview question. It may come up when firms seek post-pandemic personnel. Thinking through your reasons for changing employment helps prepare you to respond and make you feel safe that you’re making a conscientious decision, says Kimberly Cummings, CEO of “Manifest Yourself” and author of “Next Move, Best Move”.

If you’ve been laid off or furloughed, say it, adds Cummings, who’s helping clients find work as the epidemic fades. Here’s some guidance on discussing your COVID layoff or work gap.

Be honest about other reasons, but positive. Explain how you require a flexible schedule, how you work best at home, how you’re excited to apply abilities in service of a goal you believe in, or how you’re searching for more pleasure and passion in your job. Just make sure to relate your rationale to the position and organization you’re interviewing for.

This question shows how thoroughly you’ve studied the company. Explain why a company’s goal coincides with the hobbies you rediscovered during the epidemic or why their working parent policies might suit your family. Cummings believes it’s important to learn as much as possible about a prospective new workplace as soon as possible. Showing interviewers, you’ve done your research will help you stand out from the competitors.

Customize Your Application and Resume

You undoubtedly know not to apply for every job with the same resume. Changing your resume’s abilities, accomplishments, and former positions to match the job you’re looking for demonstrates you know the role and company and will help your application stand out.

Did you learn something new during the pandemic, take a class, or get new duties due to a corporate restructure or strategy pivot? Did you help your team achieve their goals? Add them to your CV and LinkedIn profile.

And quickly discussing in your cover letter or elsewhere in your application how the epidemic influenced your career objectives or prompted you to pursue a profession that better matches with your passions—and why this is that one—will humanize and make your application unique.

Including  these facts demonstrates you can be independent, a lifelong learner, and able to self-assess, pivot, and reflect, all skills employers are searching for.

Emphasize Skills Employers Want

Cummings says interviewers want flexibility, agility, and strategy. After the pandemic, organizations require quick learners and adapters. During the pandemic, you strengthened these qualities. She says it’s a good moment to talk about new talents and how you had to pivot swiftly.

Emphasize your experience with digital tools like collaboration and video conferencing, as well as your self-starter and remote communication skills, as some firms still accept remote work. In your new employment, you’ll need to demonstrate that you can succeed and contribute to the company’s success while working remotely.

With the pandemic, job searching is different than it was before but some aspects have stayed the same: You will stand out from everyone else by showing your interest in the position, do your homework, and being enthusiastic.

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