5 Companies in Search for Holiday Seasonal Workers

Similar to summer positions, many businesses hire seasonal help over the holidays to meet the increased demand. When the holiday season rolls around, companies across the board, from warehouses to delivery services to shops, need to recruit more hands to meet the surge in demand.

A seasonal position at one of the following businesses may be ideal if you’re wanting to supplement your income over the Christmas season.

In the following, you can find more information about some of the best companies to work for:


In order to meet the demands of the expected surge in package traffic from October 2022 to January 2023, UPS plans to recruit well over 100,000 temporary workers. There are both year-round and temporary opportunities available. Package movers, truck drivers, and truck drivers’ aides are all positions that may be filled.

UPS offers its employees the chance to make a living and advance their careers. The website also claims that around one-third of seasonal employees are offered full-time roles the following year. Jobs that last a lifetime often pay well and include perks like health insurance and retirement savings.

Open Positions with UPS.


Target will employ over 100,000 seasonal workers in 2022 to help with their business. The roles these employees will perform span from “Guest Advocate” to “General Merchandise” to “Fulfillment” to “Stocking.”

Target is known for its competitive wages, retail discounts, online savings, and accommodating work schedules.

Best Buy

Best Buy is a major company that routinely employs thousands of seasonal workers to meet peak demand during the holidays. At least 5,000 more seasonal employees have been employed in the past. They haven’t said how many people they want to recruit in 2022, but there are a lot of Delivery, Customer Service, Geek Squad, and Warehouse roles open right now.

Seasonal workers at Best Buy have the option of working flexible hours and receiving a substantial employee discount on the store’s always extensive selection of cutting-edge electronics. Becoming a seasonal employee in a retail or warehouse might be a steppingstone to a more permanent position.


In 2022, Macy’s will need at least 40,000 seasonal employees to meet customer demand throughout the Christmas season. These are both full-time and part-time opportunities in their warehouses, department stores, and specialty shops like Bluemercury and Bloomingdale’s. This Christmas season, Macy’s offers a lot of openings for those who are looking for work.

After the 2021 holidays, the firm hired over 10,300 temporary employees to stay full-time. Working as a temporary employee at Macy’s, there is a good possibility you will be offered a full-time position. There may be access to medical insurance and pension plans if you have been recruited on a permanent basis.

Open positions at Macy’s.


Since Amazon is one of the biggest organizations in the world, it’s no surprise that they’ll be recruiting a significant number of seasonal employees for the next holiday season. In 2022, Amazon plans to hire over 150,000 people in the United States alone. Potential Amazon workers may start in a variety of departments, from picking and packing to sorting and then shipping. 

Wages at Amazon are among the highest in the industry, and the company provides generous signing incentives for certain positions in certain regions. You may be offered a full-time position year-round if your performance as a seasonal worker is deemed satisfactory.

Open positions at Amazon.

Opportunities to work throughout the summer and winter months are abundant. This kind of work might be quite helpful if you prefer temporary employment. Seasonal labor is a great way to get in the door at a firm if you’re looking to get a permanent position there. This is the time to apply for jobs if you want to earn the most money possible this Christmas season, regardless of your motivation for seeking employment.

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