Reasons a New Job Heightens Your Anxiety

New job nerves? You’ll be okay . “New job” is thrilling for most job searchers since it means new skills, networking, and resume-building. Change is also scary. New jobs worry people. New-job jitters may be overcome. 

Below we share five reasons you might be scared to get a new job. 

You’re Afraid to Quit Your Job
“What will they do without me?” If you’re a dedicated employee, failing your employer or leaving them empty-handed at a hectic time is terrible.

What about professional loyalty? Protect your career and interests.
Face your fear: Work hard till the end of your job. You’ll leave knowing you gave this work your best every day. 

What You Do is What You Are
Many individuals fear changing jobs because their identity and self-worth are related to their present employment. Naturally, changing jobs might seem like changing your identity, which can be as frightening as seeing someone else’s face in the mirror. However, your work is not who you are.
Face your fear: Before jumping, know yourself. Discover your talents and consider how you may help an organization. Self-affirmation may help you access this. You’re not your job. You’re multifaceted and have several talents.

Worried? New Job?
New job nerves? The devil you know is better, right? Who’s to say you wouldn’t be even more unhappy in another job?
When your job stinks, it’s tempting to think that’s simply how it is: long hours, nasty bosses, demanding customers. When things are bad, follow logic and find something better.
Face your fear: Many individuals adore their employment. Research different firms to overcome your new-job anxieties and ignorance. Informational interviews. Explore great corporate benefits elsewhere. Meet folks from various firms at a virtual networking event to learn how they appreciate their careers. Fear may be as real as the boogeyman.

You’re convinced You Can’t
Do you attribute all your successes to chance and dread failure or being revealed as a fraud? Even the wisest, most qualified expert may fall into despair under this premise.
You’re not alone. Many experience impostor syndrome.
Confront your phobia: One technique to overcome self-doubt about a new career is to thoroughly study job descriptions for your dream employment. Study the tasks and skills needed. Ask yourself: What transferrable talents am I applying in my present job? How can I improve?
With an honest appraisal of your profession, you’ll be better able to identify your strengths and understand where you need further training and help.

Being the New Kid Is Horrible.
You like your work. You have friends, a routine, and the greatest neighborhood coffee. Leaving your comfort zone and trying to figure out workplace politics and where to have lunch with new coworkers might be daunting.
Confront your phobia: The unknown might be scary, but it’s seldom as horrible as we anticipate. One method to overcome your anxiety of being the new kid at work? Start meeting people now. Try new things. Outside of work, join new clubs and organizations. The more you practice meeting new people and navigating the unknown, the more comfortable you’ll be job hunting.

Concerned About Finding Work? Do This
Do your demons make you worried about a new job and convince you you’ll never find a suitable fit? Disregard them. That’s new-job anxiety. Starting out? Register on Employed USA. We can expedite your job search by providing you relevant opportunities. You may also connect with recruiters in your industry to find opportunities. Let Employed USA ease your job hunt.

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