Tips on Finding an Entry Level Job in the Maintenance Industry

The demand for maintenance workers is at an all-time high as the labor market grows.   However, finding an entry-level maintenance position might be challenging. Where do you start job hunting without professional experience?   The good news is that maintenance worker employment is predicted to expand 4% from 2019 to 2029, leaving plenty of jobs. Just know how to find them.   You can also become a gratifying and engaging maintenance or facilities manager by starting in maintenance.  

How to Find Entry-Level Maintenance Jobs  

The internet offers thousands of job postings daily. Not all of those jobs meet our needs.   Entry-level professionals may not qualify for some of these occupations. More importantly, you may not like most jobs you find.  

How do you locate work you like? Here are 5 search tips:   Use Standard Job Search Platforms   You can browse job-finding websites to find one that interests you. You can visit these websites:  


Indeed, the world’s largest job site, adds 10 jobs per second. Jobs can be searched by industry and lifestyle (part-time, freelance, full-time). As an entry-level maintenance worker, you can search by experience, job title, area, and salary.  


This tool helps you understand your sector and compare jobs and pay to develop your ideal blend. When searching for your dream career, provide your experience and income expectations.  


Careerleaf is an all-in-one job search platform that halves application time. It helps job searchers exhibit their skills, explore the Web, and organize their job hunt messages.  

Use Niche Job Search Sites  

Job searches for entry-level maintenance specialists are better on specialized websites. Maintenance Manager HQ helps you choose niche-specific jobs. You can also search for skill-specific jobs.   Instead of grouping industries into “aviation,” “hospitality,” and “automotive,” this site lets you search for specific maintenance tasks inside each. You can also work in mechanics or construction.   Hotel and electricity business maintenance workers can seek for specialized entry-level positions.    SMRP is another choice. This site includes all live entry-level jobs and lets you filter your search.   Additionally, the SMRP employment board lets you search by topic and area. You can find local jobs and a variety of specialist jobs.   If you want flexible hours, browse FacilitiesNet for part-time maintenance employment or internships in your field.   Do you want an entry-level cleaning or engineering job? Write it on the job board, and it will show you all relevant job ads.  

Join LinkedIn  

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform with 500 million users. If you’re a professional seeking for work, you need LinkedIn.   As a maintenance worker, you can follow relevant pages and firms for job opportunities. You can also find industry-related employment. You can restrict your search to industrial or residential maintenance.   LinkedIn lets you search by job title. As a maintenance technician or planner, you can search for local jobs.  

Social Media Search  

Although not the most trustworthy goal, social networking can help you find entry-level jobs.   Many organizations post positions directly on social media or construct a “hiring” post that connects to their website. Keep up with social media to take advantage of any chance.   Facebook offers a job dashboard where many smaller companies advertise entry-level positions. Joining Facebook groups gives you access to folks seeking freelancers for various projects.  

A Quick Google Search  

Because Google returns millions of results, it may seem unproductive. However, utilizing keywords to refine your search may help you find your dream job.   One search for all relevant words. This includes your intended industrial niche and desired work. Make your search more targeted with lengthier keywords. Are you an automobile or aeronautical technician? Mention the title and industry-related skills or locations in your online query.   You should also target entry-level jobs. Keywords include “junior” and “assistant”. As most job descriptions include “recent graduates” or “entry-level,” you can use these.  

Key Takeaways  

Finally, maintenance is essential for our comfortable living situations. For maintenance workers, your skill is in demand. This implies entry-level workers have several possibilities.   Selecting your specialty is first. The second is finding a specialty job. If you optimize your search, you may find the perfect maintenance job.

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