How to Make Your Favorite Summer Job Permanent

We all know how important it is to have a summer employment, but did you know that a survey conducted in the spring of 2023 found that 70% of businesses intend to retain at least a portion of their seasonal workers throughout the year?

If you’re hoping to turn your summer work into something more permanent, here are five insider secrets to consider.

  1. Establish your commitment to the long term

Managers and business owners aren’t telepaths, by the way. That’s right! Don’t keep your interest in that permanent position a secret. Express your aspirations to the people in charge. It’s never too soon to ask whether you may extend your contract. Talk to your management about the steps you might take to demonstrate your commitment to the company. The more people know about what you’re trying to accomplish, the more they’ll be able to envision a win-win scenario.

  1. Create an indelible impression

Imagine your summer job as a long interview or test run. Don’t be late, and come to work and training prepared to learn. Keep your phone out of sight; bosses frown upon employees who waste time checking messages or social media. Instead, take the initiative while talking to them. Never be shy about asking for assistance, and always be clear about what it is you need help with. Demonstrating your commitment will leave an indelible mark.

  1. Behave like you belong to the group.

Acting as though you already belong on the team is the first step to making your summer employment permanent. Don’t go into it with the mindset of a “temp;” instead, treat it like the job you’ll be in for the foreseeable future. Introduce yourself to people, even if they aren’t part of your immediate team. If you’re working the front of the house in a restaurant, for example, you should introduce yourself to the executive staff. Make an effort to get to know your coworkers, from the busboy to the new waitress and the line cooks. You may show how valuable and dedicated you are to the team by playing an active role in its success.

  1. Exert more effort

Do more than is required of you to stand out and land that permanent position. Participate actively and offer to take on additional duties as needed. Helping out with basic activities like replenishing shelves and tidying up can go a long way with a business. Helping out your coworkers whenever you get the chance can go a long way in the eyes of the recruiting manager, so don’t turn down opportunities to do so. Also, keep an eye out for training opportunities at work. If there’s something you want to do but aren’t sure how to get started, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Demonstrating your adaptability and motivation to learn will position you as a valued asset.

  1. Keep an optimistic attitude and jump at chances.

Positivity and a willingness to take initiative will get you consideration for a permanent position. Don’t be afraid of change and always say yes to legitimate requests for more work. When possible, agree to switch shifts with a coworker who asks. Consider it an opportunity to earn more money and prove your dependability if your manager needs someone to cover a busier day. Don’t be afraid to try new things; you’ll learn a lot and broaden your horizons if you do. Keep in mind that no work is perfect, but that with determination and optimism, you can see any shift through to its conclusion.

You may make your summer employment into the long-term chance you’ve been hoping for if you follow these guidelines from the pros.

Keep in mind that if you take advantage of the opportunities presented to you, you can get steady employment. Make decisions about your life, maintain your drive, and make the most of every chance that presents itself. Let’s use this summer employment as a springboard to a better, more stable future for both of us.

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