Job Searching Tips During the “Great Resignation”

Corporate America has been painfully slow to adapt from only having males in mind. Even though sexism in the workplace has been much reduced, corporate America still has a long way to go before it fully embraces diversity and ensures women’s full participation in the workplace and opportunities for advancement. One study showed that women areContinue reading “Job Searching Tips During the “Great Resignation””

Many Nurses are Looking for a Career Change in 2022

Nearly one-third of registered nurses in the United States, according to a new poll, want to no longer provide direct patient care by the end of 2022. In a recent survey, registered nurses cited “staffing, compensation, and lack of support” as the top three factors motivating them to hunt for other employment. The COVID-19 epidemicContinue reading “Many Nurses are Looking for a Career Change in 2022”

Giving Your Two Weeks is Not as Simple as it Seems

Instead of tossing everything off your desk and dashing out exclaiming about your newfound freedom, resigning etiquette requires providing two weeks’ notice. It’s not always that simple. Two weeks is usually plenty to wrap up, prepare, and say farewell. Two weeks prolongs uneasiness and may even feel comically short to settle your affairs, adding extraContinue reading “Giving Your Two Weeks is Not as Simple as it Seems”

Positions You Can Land With Little to No Experience

You’ve probably seen ads online: “Earn $2,500 per week, from home, and only two hours a day! Experience not needed!” or the comments you may see on posts that have nothing to do with making money claiming, “I make $140,00 a year working 5 hours per week and it’s all online, all you need toContinue reading “Positions You Can Land With Little to No Experience”

The Different Types of Schedules

When referring to a work schedule, you’re generally referring to the number of hours per day or the days per week that one is expected to arrive to their job. There are more types of work schedules than you may know, these differentiate depending on the position. Your schedule is also subject to change dependingContinue reading “The Different Types of Schedules”

Thrift Store Flipping

Your financial health can really benefit from having multiple income streams. Whether you are trying to invest, pay down debt or maybe you’re retiring early – an increase in your income can help you substantially! Thankfully, technology and internet have made that a much easier thing to do. The opportunities you can find on theContinue reading “Thrift Store Flipping”

About 44% of Americans Have a Side Hustle, But is a Side Hustle for You?

Due to high inflation and economic uncertainty, many Americans are scrambling to make more money. The most common way they’ve been doing that is through side hustles. According to Insuranks, an insurance marketplace for small businesses who held a survey of more than 1,000 people who are working at least one job, 44% of AmericansContinue reading “About 44% of Americans Have a Side Hustle, But is a Side Hustle for You?”

Flight Attendants Have Secrets Too!

Flight attendants see so many different people and situations throughout their career. We’re here to share some tips and the juiciest secrets they may have. After conversing with various flight attendants, you might want to stick around because you’ve probably never heard these before. A flight attendant, who worked for a United Kingdom airline, statedContinue reading “Flight Attendants Have Secrets Too!”

Even Entry Level Positions Require Experience

If you’ve started the hunt for a job that’s in your preferred career path, you might have seen some listings that looks like this. “Available: Entry-level, pay negotiable, benefits. Requirements: 2-3 years of experience, college degree.”  Sounds familiar right? In some instances, companies will require years of experience for college graduates, even though it’s anContinue reading “Even Entry Level Positions Require Experience”