Best Mystery Shopping Companies to Work For

There are tons of side jobs you can use to make some extra cash. Unfortunately, the best ones often require specific skills, expensive equipment like cameras and computers, or even having a car. A mystery shopper is the perfect opportunity for someone who needs an easier way to gain some supplemental income. If you’re alreadyContinue reading “Best Mystery Shopping Companies to Work For”

Jobs That Don’t Require a Drug Test

Starting back in 2012, conversation about drug use started to surface again, mainly in the idea of decriminalization. For example, studies on marijuana and how it can be medically beneficial supported the change in legalization and decriminalization. Last reported, in 2021, more than 36 states legalized the use of medical marijuana. Adult use overall wasContinue reading “Jobs That Don’t Require a Drug Test”

Amazon Warehouse Secrets

Last we heard, life as an Amazon warehouse worker will challenge you physically but the income is worth it. The company has a special name for their workers, Amazonians. These workers are on their feet for the whole day. They receive, stock, pack, ship and problem-solve hundreds of thousands of orders that are processed throughContinue reading “Amazon Warehouse Secrets”

Tips to Passing Pre-employment Tests

It’s normal to get anxious when applying for a job. Nowadays, getting the job can be more difficult than it used to be because there is so much competition besides meeting with a stranger is already an anxiety in itself. That amazing feeling of surviving through the interview and getting to walk out is almostContinue reading “Tips to Passing Pre-employment Tests”

Best Method to Becoming a Blue Collar Worker in 2022

Millions of workers in America prefer to make their living by being a blue collar worker. Becoming a blue collar worker is ideal for someone who enjoys working hands on and living an active lifestyle and it’s a plus that their wages are on the rise. There are so many different opportunities for blue-collar work,Continue reading “Best Method to Becoming a Blue Collar Worker in 2022”