Land a Job with Zero Experience

Without experience, it can often times be much harder to hunt for jobs. Usually, the candidate’s employers prefer to hire are the ones with more experience than not. This because it will take less time to train them and save them money. If you are straight out of college or it’s just time to change your path, it can be hard because your lacking experience. Here’s a few tips and tricks that will help you land that job.

Prove Your Motivation

Without any relevant experience, you will have to do some major convincing that you will be a great fit for their company. Go into specifics of why this position appeals to you. You can do this by explaining the traits and qualities you have that will better your performance at work. For example, following details and organization would both be great skills to share if you were applying for a secretarial job. Focusing on what you can do instead of what you can’t, will prove to your future bosses that you are able to meet their expectations just as much as the candidate with experience.

Build Your Network

If you want to get your foot in the door, you need to build connections and use them as leverage. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, networking i=plays a huge part when job searching. You can do this by reaching out to previous colleagues who work at the company you are applying for or by talking to your peers. Politely reach out to them and ask for advice to becoming a better candidate. Keep in mind you never want to ask for a job recommendation but simply ask what the job may entail. You can utilize these informational interviews to gain a more complete network with authentic connections within your industry.

Soft Skills

To enhance your relevance to the company, it is smart to highlight your soft skills. Relate your core capabilities to your desired industry. Some common soft skills you can use are dependability, work ethic, positive attitude, teamwork, critical thinking, and leadership. If you don’t have much experience, try to relate this to your extracurriculars to demonstrate the skills you have.

Share the Skills You Lack

Focusing on the experience you don’t have and addressing it, believe it or not will help secure the position. Be open to volunteer work, free internship positions, and part-time jobs related to your industry. Don’t be afraid to start from scratch because every professional started form the same exact position.

Ace the Interview

To stand out to the company and beat your competition, you must use all your energy in your interview and try to ace it. Rehearse answering common questions you might be asked and do your research. Be on time to your interview and stay professional. Make a strong resume and cover letter. There are tons of resources online to assist you in creating a great resume. For help on creating a phenomenal cover letter use tools such as “How to Write a Job Application Cover Letter”.

Don’t get me wrong getting a job with no experience will be difficult but it is definitely not impossible. Having good strategy and attitude will show your future employer why you are the perfect candidate to fill the position.

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